Swiss Water Tech R&D (SWATE) S.A. Is a private non-profit company that focuses on the Research & Development of green technologies. SWATE provides engineering studies and anlysis to ensure project sustainability, with a specialization in Water & Energy Technologies.

Our solutions are conceived with an eye towards being innovative, performance oriented and efficient. This is possible given the high level of technical research we put into designing our technological applications.

SWATE engages its R&D in technologies such as:

Atmosphere Water Generation: produces pure potable water from the air´s humidity. The system produces sufficient quantities of water even at very dry and hot climate conditions. AWG plants can be scaled to almost any size community and/or population.

Solar-Powered Water Purification Systems: proposes a water purification solution utilizing solar power, photovoltaic energy and, when applicable, a mini-windmill or any alternate source of renewable energy. Water drawn from either the sea, a lake, river or stagnant pool is passed through several stages of purification and treatment until it is rendered potable as per WHO standards.

CO2-free Energy Production: the waste heat given off in industrial processes that are in the low-temperatures ranging up to 100°C constitutes an energy potential in all industrialized countries that is left largely unused.

Waste to Energy Processes: is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the management of liquid and solid waste. 1000 tons-per day of waste is processed at a typical large municipality. The operation's daily output, could be hundreds of thousands Kilowatt hours, millions of gallons drinking water and millions of cubic feet of valuable hydrogen gas for sustainable power generation.

SWATE offers a unique package of sustainable & efficient solutions for a sustainable supply of water and energy.

SWATE Technologies was created on the premise that there is no single solution that addresses the energy production or energy savings needs of our World.

It believes that incorporating multiple technologies into a project brings about a more holistic approach to achieving the intended goals. Blending technologies leads projects to long-term sustainability, potential shorter return on investment, and a stronger overall financial position.

The long term objective of the company is become a recognized and sustainable business platform of Swiss Label Green technologies; lider in the eventual transfer of technical knowledge and to select regions with key partners in line with commercial potential and competency.

Our core vision is to make a substantial contribution to renewable technologies that are not only ecologically sustainable, but also address urgent social needs.